Our History 

The congregation of the Lord’s Church that now meets at 1107 W. Church Street in Livingston, Texas was begun in 1912 when D.D. Moore and his wife, Martha moved to the Livingston area from Arkansas with their two sons and started a farming operation.

The Moore family started meeting with a group in the East Tempe school house. Groups of different denominations would take turns being in charge of the services each week. The Moore’s were the first to represent the Church of Christ. The Moore family children were Luther (Sandy), Charles Don, Katherine, Christine, Maud, Corrie, And Cornie. The family farm is still owned by family members, although the original house was replaced in 1971.

Other members of the Church of Christ arrived in the area and the little congregation began meeting on the front porch of the Moore home. Brother Barrick began preaching for the congregation, even though he and his wife rode the train from Houston to Livingston and back each weekend. Sometimes the members paid the train fares, other times the members contributed eggs, meat, and vegetables as compensation. This group included the Allen and Lizzie Pridgen family, Mr. & Mrs. Effie McClanahan, Miss Bessie Hasty, Miss Irene Hasty, Mr. & Mrs. J.V. (Shorty) Moss, and Mae Bailey.

In 1926, Mrs. Essie Ivey, a widow from Lufkin, Texas married S.B. Townley of the West Tempe-Blanchard community. She brought with her three children from her previous marriage: Talley Ivey, Bessie Ivey (White), and Fay Ivey (Moore). Later, in 1941, Fay Ivey would marry Charles Moore, one of the sons of founding member D.D. Moore.

Mr. & Mrs. Townley would later have four more children including Steve Townley, who now serves as an Elder of the Livingston congregation. Mrs. Fay Ivey Moore is also a current member of the congregation.

Mr. D.D. Moore, Mr. W.L. Bailey, and Mr. J.V. Moss, acting as trustees, purchased a piece of property at Macedonia for the “use and benefit of the church of Christ”. This document was recorded in the Polk County Deed records on October 11, 1923. The document contains prohibitions to the use of musical instruments.

According to Mrs. Fay Moore, a church building was erected on the Moore property at Macedonia in 1928. The building stood near Harden Creek which was a convenient place for baptisms. Brother Luther “Sandy” Moore, who passed away February 15, 2004 at the age of 98, remembers being baptized in Harden Creek.

The Macedonia congregation continued to grow in number and many of the former members went on the expand the Lord’s work in the surrounding areas.

Though the church building is now gone, a concrete marker can still be seen at the old location.

In 1940, the Macedonia building was moved to a piece of land the congregation had purchased in Livingston.

The congregation then became known as the Livingston church of Christ. During World War II, many men of the congregation were called away to serve their country. Because of a childhood foot injury, Mr. Charles Moore could not enlist and so served locally in the National Guard. During that time, it was not uncommon for Mr. Moore to be the only male member present at church services. It therefore fell on him to lead the singing, teach the lessons, read the scriptures, lead the prayers, serve communion and take up the offering.

The congregation continued to grow. The men of the congregation made a decision to look for help. Brother Coffman published a church brotherhood paper in Lufkin, and became aware of the need for someone to work with the Livingston congregation. He influenced Brother Wilburn Whittington, who worked for Mr. Coffman as a printer, to travel from Lufkin every Sunday to preach for the Livingston church.

In the mid 1940’s, Jessie Brookshire, a part-time construction worker, began preaching for the Livingston congregation. In 1947, Brother Brookshire contracted and built a new church building for the Livingston congregation at the corner of West Church and Pine Street. The new building had a large auditorium, four classrooms, a baptistery, and was equipped with an attic fan.

The following preachers served at this location during the years listed:

  • Lewis Wright 1948
  • Oscar Batton 1949
  • Wayne Hargrove 1951-1952
  • Charles Prince 1953-1954
  • Robert Colley 1955
  • James Eubanks 1956-1959
  • WB Clark 1960-1961
  • Bennie Thorpe 1962-1963
  • JE Braziel 1963-1964
  • Cecil Alexander 1964-1966
  • Richard Trice 1966-1968
  • Houston Conley 1969-1971
During the 1960’s, as the congregation continued to grow, a minister’s house was built behind the church building facing Pine Street. Next to it, a classroom annex was constructed to accommodate an expanding Bible School program. It was during this time that the congregation began an annual Vacation Bible School program. In 1971, the present church building was constructed. The following ministers have served at this location:
  • Houston Conley 1971-1973
  • Andy Dooley 1973-1986
  • Lindell Mitchell 1986-present

In 1986, When Brother Mitchell became the full-time pulpit minister, Brother Andy Dooley continued to work in the visitation and outreach programs until his death in 1995.

In late 1982 and early 1983, the Livingston congregation helped to establish the congregation in Onalaska, Texas. In 1987, the Onalaska congregation became self supporting.

During the 1980’s the church building was expanded and a multi-purpose building was erected on the southwest corner of the parking lot.

The congregation continues to serve the Livingston area under the direction of the current Elders.